Rosemary Leaf


Whole Leaf

Rosemary has also been known as the “Gentle Revitalizer”.  As a tea, Rosemary may improve your heart and mind as it stimulates blood flow through your heart, which in turn enhances the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your brain.  The heart then works better and memory and concentration can be improved.  Rosemary is also known to relax the nervous system, easing anxiety, depression and tension headaches.  This also has been used for recovering from an illness or surgery especially for seniors.  Known to have antioxidant properties to prevent cell damage from free radicals, as well as enhancing the flow of digestive juices, improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  As a rinse, it may stimulate the scalp to activate circulation, cleanse follicles and revitalize the area to stimulate hair growth.

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