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Herbalty Cottage is a specialty shop in Medina, NY with a unique selection. Bulk, organic herbs can be purchased here, as well as our own herbal infusion combinations and seasonings that are created right at the store. You will find our selections of Himalayan Salt Lamps and other Himalayan salt products to be of exceptional quality. Our olive oils and balsamic vinegars is what everyone craves! These have been aged from 18-50 years and has the flavor that will exceed your taste buds’ expectations! No additives, sugar, nor preservatives added to these. Olive oils and balsamics are imported from Italy, Spain & Greece with no gluten or dairy. Just the fine quality of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that will enhance your food! Third party tested in a lab within the United States for purities. You will find other essential products that may improve your health and well being that we carry in the store.

To Know Herbalty Cottage is to Experience it

Stop in for a visit to see our selection of products and services we offer.  To truly know and understand Herbalty Cottage is to experience us firsthand.  Our customer service is one that we take very seriously.  Sample some olive oils and/or balsamics at our tasting station, have a tour to see our salt room, sauna rooms and Reflexology/Nutrition Room.  Feel free to come ask for our opinion on whatever situation you are going through with your health.  We are a place of resource and offer hope and a place of peace, even when it seems difficult.

More About Our Specialty Shop

Our specialty shop was established in 2015, inspired by a serious car accident that Bonnie encountered several years ago. She was given traditional medicines and therapies to help her healing, but to no avail. After many chiropractic treatments and a diet of purified, wholesome foods, which helped bring mobility, pain free living and a healthy lifestyle.
Health and wellness is a life journey, one that Bonnie has been on since this accident. As Certified Herbalist, she can offer suggestions to help with issues anyone may be experiencing. There are so many aspects to wellness that include not only physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual. Often times customers and clients that come in, notice the peaceful atmosphere the shop provides. To truly understand Herbalty Cottage, one must come and experience it.
As a certified herbalist, Bonnie hopes to provide a local source of knowledge to others while offering wholesome, tasteful products. Everything featured in our shop is organic and nourishes you. We believe that life is too short not to eat well and that eating healthy does not mean your food has to taste bad. We offer a place of resource to our customers and a place of hope in our products and services. So, we have come up with a line of natural products that will add more taste to your healthy choices.
In addition to our natural products, Lindsay, Certified Reflexologist, is certified in hands, feet and face, as well as Certified Acupressurist. She schedules her clients for private sessions right here at the shop. Her wealth of knowledge about health and wellness is beneficial to her many clients and the success of our business. She has many treatments and packages available to choose from. Bonnie is blessed to have her daughter share her expertise at Herbalty Cottage.
Nancy, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner meets her clients privately at the shop. Her life journey is a testament of her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Nancy has been able to help and encourage her clients achieve their goals through wholesome foods and supplements. Nancy’s competence and skills give her distinctness.
Our suite of services will not be found anywhere else in Orleans County. We are proud of what is offered in Medina, NY. Not only the services listed above is available, but the Himalayan Salt Room and Far Infrared Saunas that are enjoyed by so many!



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December Hours:  2023
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Monday-Friday:  10am – 6pm
Saturday:  10am-4pm
CLOSED:  12/24-12/27, 12/31, 1/1-3/2024


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