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Herbalty Cottage is a specialty shop in Medina, NY with a unique selection.   Bulk, organic herbs can be purchased here, as well as our own herbal infusion combinations and seasonings that are created right at the store.  You will find our selections of Himalayan Salt Lamps and other Himalayan salt products to be of exceptional quality.  Our olive oils and balsamic vinegars is what everyone craves!  These have been aged from 18-50 years and has the flavor that will exceed your taste buds' expectations!  No additives, sugar, nor preservatives added to these.  Olive oils and balsamics are pure with no gluten or dairy.  Just the fine quality of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that will enhance your food!  Third party tested in a lab within the United States for purities.  You will find other essential products that may improve your health and well being that we carry in the store.